My Family


Dr George Abraham

was born in Kuruppanthara, Kottayam district, Kerala. [2nd son of late PJ Abraham, Pallipurathukunnel & Chinnamma]. After schooling from St. Xavier's High School - Kuruppanthara, BSc from Deva Matha College - Kuravilangadu and MSc from SB College - Chenganacherry, joined as Lecturer in SB College on 1st November 1982. [Passed out MSc with then Kerala University 3rd Rank and with Prof. MM Sebastian Memorial Award for outstanding achievement in the Masters]. Did MPhil from Kerala University and PhD in Medical Microbiology from Mahatma Gandhi University [both on UGC fellowships]. Completed Postgraduate Diploma in Higher Education [PGDHE] from the Indira Gandhi National Open University [IGNOU]. Passed an advanced level of proficiency in German Language & Literature from the Max Mueller Bhavan, Pune and the Goethe Institute, Munich - Germany. Did Post Doctoral Research in Advanced Microbiology [virology] in the Europe and then started working as a Scientific Analyst in New Zealand in 1999. Did Post-graduate Diploma of Teaching & Education jointly from the University of Canterbury in New Zealand and the Griffiths University, Brisbane - Australia.

Taught in the University of Canterbury, Christchurch - New Zealand and in 5 leading Colleges across New Zealand. Then worked in Analytical/ Medical Research Laboratories in Sydney - Australia as an Advanced Research Professional in Virology. After completing a Diploma in Journalism & Mass Communication, identifying his skills & talent in Journalism, joined as the New Zealand Correspondent to the Indian News Media in New Delhi. Also worked for other Indian News Agencies. Then as the Christchurch /NZ - South Island Correspondent for the largest circulated ethnic Newspaper in New Zealand - The Indian News Link. Also served as a regular Column Writer.

Involved in all sorts of Community / Social / Cultural /Educational and even political activities in New Zealand. Considering the excellent & commented Community involvement on various arena, the current ruling New Zealand Political Party in Government - New Zealand First - offered him an opportunity to stand in Parliament from the prestigious Christchurch Central Parliamentary constituency in 2014 against then sitting Cabinet Minister Hon Nicky Wagner of the National Government, Tony Milne of the Labour Party and David Moorhouse of the Green Party. Though it turned out unsuccessful, it was a great opportunity and a door opened to brighter routes. [Dr George was the first Malayali contesting in a Common Wealth Country Parliament for an accredited / leading /outstanding political party there, ever].

Then he was nominated as the Member of the Loka Kerala Sabha - the new NRI Initiative for the Pravasi Malayali Community of the Government of Kerala - representing New Zealand and attended the 1st Loka Kerala Sabha in Thiruvananthapuram with all 141 MLAs and the Kerala based 29 MPs from Jan 11 to 14th, took place in the hall adjacent to the Legislative Assembly of Kerala.

Dr George was very proactive at the LKS, conversing with the Chief Minister and many Ministers, MPs and MLAs. Extended many proposals to the Kerala Government for the Non-Resident Indians and the Expatriates including free movement of the Kerala Ayurveda Medicines to the 1st world countries, home/business loans to the returning Malayali and Involving Pravasi Malayali in the overall development of Kerala including better infrastructure like Roads & Waterways, Education and the Healthcare System.

George has authored 2 editions of the internationally referred book - AIDS, the Sex Killer - with the kind foreword of Sir Edmund Hillary, the pioneer Mt Everest Conqueror in 2003, then alive in Auckland - New Zealand.

He got many Research publications. Written and published 100s of Articles on various topics in Newspapers and Journals across the world. Write Perspective Columns in Newspapers. Currently working with a Novel and a book on - Effective Communication & Successful LIFE.

Before moving overseas for higher studies and while lecturing in St Berchmans' College, George was actively involved in all sorts of religious /community /social / cultural /educational activities in Kerala. He was the State Convenor of the All Kerala Catholic Congress Youth Commission [AKCC] working with late Babu Chazhikadan and Chevalier VC Sebastian - both as it's Chairmen at different times.

An Athlete and an excellent Volley ball & Shuttle badminton player. Played for Deva Matha and SB Colleges and also a Member of the Kerala University East Zone Volley ball Team [1979].

Dr George had organised many Leadership Training Camps and Programs for the University /Higher Secondary students and Staff in India, New Zealand and Australia mainly. Took lead roles in many Humanitarian Initiatives & Movements in India and overseas alike.

Married to Advocate Tiji George, working with New Zealand Government. [Youngest daughter of late Joseph Thomas Thachankary & Thankamma - Chenganacherry]. 3 children. Sneha - Final year Medicine - Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia; Rahul - Final year LLB - Victoria University Wellington, New Zealand & Sweta - Final year BCom - University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand.

Dr George has always been extremely keen and did stand with the less fortunate and the down-trodden people of the Society whenever & wherever he was. Lead the 3 lakh people of the Christchurch City in New Zealand after the devastating Earthquakes in 2011, helping them getting the deserved allowances and sanctions from the Earthquake Commission and the Government for their lost homes, jobs and businesses in the Earthquakes. It was very well recognised by the whole country and then honoured through Commendations and Awards. Canterbury voters exhibited their appreciation and showed their profound gratitude in the next Parliament Elections when he contested in the Christchurch Central Constituency for the current ruling NZ First Party, offering him all sorts of help to win the election to the NZ Parliament - for them.

Currently working as the Overseas Operations Director at the IRS group in Kerala. Also finding time as an Effective Communications Skills Trainer & Motivational Speaker in University /College/ School, Institutions, Organisations and Work places across the State of Kerala and locations around India.